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Chron was founded in 1993, locating in "one district and one main industry" Industrial Park in Tianfu New District of Chengdu,which is one of 21 industrial concentrated development zones and 10 important industrial layout points in Chengdu. Industrial Park of Tianfu New District covers an area of 16 square kilometers, and focus on the development of  fine chemical and amino acid derivative industry. After many years of continuous improvement and development, our company has formed a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and trade.Chron always adheres to the concept of people-oriented, bring benefits to society as well as gratitude and faith. With more than 20 years’ effort, Chron has cultivated and cohesion of a large number of outstanding scientific research and management person, to successfully develop leading products and professional production technology in the world. At the same time we occuply and apply with the synchronization international quality assurance and management system.

Our products are categorized into two:high purity chemicals and amino acid derivatives.

The annual output of High-purity chemicals and chemical reagents is about 30,000 tons. It is constituted by two brands: KNOWLES, KESHI, which inclEuding a chromatography reagent, electronic grade reagents, food additives, excellent grade pure reagent, analytical reagent and chemical reagents and so on. KNOWLES chromatography reagents have reached an exceeded quality of world-class brands, and win the recognition of major users.

Amino acid derivatives are the core raw materials for synthesis of peptide and peptide drugs. Our company possesses the world-class technology and production facilities, and leading product quality in the world,which ensure Chron to be a popular major peptide drug manufacturers in domestic and foreign . And our products have been exported to the United States, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France, Israel and other countries.


Establish Changzheng Chemical and Glass Co., Ltd.


Establish Kelong Chemical Reagent Factory


Establish Chron Chemicals Co., Ltd.


KNOWLES Break through domestic technical barriers and reach advanced international level


Chron expand the national layout

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Chemical Reagent

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Amino acid derivatives

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Address:No.16,Yangheng 5 street, Tianfu New Area Industrial park,Qionglai,Sichuan province, China.
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