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We insist on the way to solve the problem with innovative ways and promote the development of the industry high-end custom. provide the best customer service and research the new production,new technology,new process and new standard.

Provide the best customer service

In our company, sales management is centered on customer-centricity. We value each customer's information and set up a direct manager for each of our customers. We set up a systematic "customer library." 

In the pre-sale, sale,after-sale, sales staff communicate with each customer by one-on-one , understanding of the needs of each customer, targeted to provide specialized personalized service, in order to maximize  satisfy the needs of buyers.

The pre-sale service

productIpublicity→cold call→making appointments→technology exchange →draftRaHplan→determination strategy→product trial→ confirm cooperation

The sale service

customerorders→production sales→order settlement→complete stock pick→logistics distribution→inspection&sign

Afte-sale service

Automated visit→technical advice→customer?complaint→Complaint Acceptance→problem?analysis→technical communication→on-site maintenances→Product return→problem?solving→summarize?the?problem→ncreasing process→Home visits→questionnaire survey


"KNOWLES" strictly in accordance with the EU international quality system standards, many products have reached or exceeded the quality of world-class , to better serve the global customers, "KNOWLES" can be customized according to customer demand R & D products.


"KESHI" is a high-quality  brand in the domestic market for 13 years , is the cornerstone of development in Chron. "Based in Sichuan, covering the whole country" to provide customers with a comprehensive basic reagents.

Quality System

Chron took the lead in utilize  the quality management system with GMP and ISO combination in the industry, strict control of product quality from raw materials, production, product management, sales and other aspects. Established a product quality traceability system of "production record, information searched, process tracked, responsibility  investigated,  product recalled" to ensure product quality.

Quality Standard

International Standards, National Standards, Industry Standards、Enterprise Standard and User-specified Standard.


Advanced Detection Equipment

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Chemical Reagent

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Amino acid derivatives

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