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Chron chemical insist on the guidelines that "science is the first force of development" , adhere to  research the quality of our brand, pursuit of high-quality products; formed a  professional R & D team about research and development of amino acid derivatives and chemical reagents research and development . 

At the same time,Company work closely with research institutes,Research and develop new products, improve the existing products and technology and enhance the quality of prodction. It provides a strong guarantee for the growth of Chron.

Annual production more than 30,000 tons and selling all over the world. Amino Acid Derivatives have outstanding technical and scale advantages and is exported to USA、Switzerland、Germany、France、Japan、Israel etc.

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Chemical Reagent

Sichuan business:
TEL:028-84545012      FAX:028-84543512

Domestic business(except Sichuan):
TEL:028-83039808      FAX:028-83039807

Amino acid derivatives

TEL:86-28-62558578      FAX:86-28-62558578

Address:No.16,Yangheng 5 street, Tianfu New Area Industrial park,Qionglai,Sichuan province, China.
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